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Both rare and beautiful, we could not have one without the other. Earth itself is real property holding value by virtue of its land and all things attached to it. Precious resources like minerals, gases and diamonds.

Diamonds are not just attached to the earth, but literally growing within it are formed only under certain chemical, temperature and pressure conditions between 120 and 200 kilometers (75-120 miles) beneath Earth's surface. Picking up other atoms, their arrangement, and how they are held, bonds them together forming the diamond into crystals. The arrangement of this material absorption determines a diamond's color. Ideally diamonds are 100% pure carbon in a perfectly iniform isometric arrangement, making these ideal gems absolutely colorless due to little or no absorption of light. When the absorption of light is nearly total, we see black. At opposite ends of the same spectrum both are rare.

Completely natural and like the real property of earth both contain value, but not until each is invested in through improvement, purchase and resale does value begin its own journey. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it - or Invest in it and so our journey of Symmetry begins... 


For centuries men have fought over it, died to possess it, and the result of wars lies in the splitting of territories. Why is the very possession of land, or more simply put - dirt so vital a pursuit for so many? In a single word - INVESTMENT. The contribution of time, energy and passion to an activity with the expectation of a benefit is an Investment, and the investment of money with the goal of making a profit is great. Ownership of Real Estate means different things to different people; however, the common denominator remains the same - It's still a Good Investment. 

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You can't move it. You can't wear it. You can't even eat it. But you can IMPROVE it, (then you can eat from it!) and herein lies the value of investing in Real Estate. Whole cities are built upon it, civilizations migrate in order to call it home and the value of one's dream to improve upon it makes it as rare as the Black Diamond mined and cultivated from within where each of us stands - the Real Property of Earth.

The very fact that real property can't be moved, can't be worn and can't be eaten, without the contribution of an individual's unique improvement upon it is the driving force behind why we invest in it. Whether we invest alittle or a lot, it is The Investment itself driving each of us toward our own personal finish line, hoping to benefit, hoping to profit.

Like most industries, Real Estate is cyclical; moving and changing according to economic conditions and forecasting. Location plays a Key Role in these conditions and fortunately for San Diegans residential Buying & Selling is on the rise in America's Finest City. For the latest, up to date investment information and to see Who's Buying What in your neighborhood Visit:



Investing in Real Estate in the 21st Century isn't as complicated and mysterious as some would have you to believe. Like everything else we do in life, the enjoyment of the experience should be in the journey of achieving our goals. When we aren't having fun, it's time to choose another path.

Out of every storm blooms new opportunity for broader, more vibrant landscapes and the thrill of racing toward new horizons. 2007 marked the beginning of the worst economic downturn in real estate we've seen in a very long time. For those of us not born during the Great Depression it was our first bitter dose of reality. But through rejuvenated thinking, and some good old fashioned courage, together we can write our own next, successful chapter.

Join with me on your path to Real Property Investment, Funding Solutions for that very special next purchase and enjoying the Journey to Living Life On Your Terms. Thinking about Selling? Our technology base of marketing tools is designed specifically to actively market your property effectively and successfully. Partner with us today. You deserve to Win and Black Diamond Investments, Inc. is in the proactive position to help you achieve all of your Real Estate & Funding Goals.

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